Photo tours

Transilvania tour (Romania) 2017
18.-27. august 2017
GP-3 Sold out
Slovak Tatra photo tour
15.-26. september 2017
GP-4 1 place available
Italian autumn photo tour
5.-15. october 2017
GP-3 7 places available
Lofoten winter photo tour (Norway)
9.-16. february 2018
GP-3 6 places available

1. Photo walk – one-day hike or ride, usually in Latvia, from sunrise to sunset. The route is for photographers, but anyone interested in enjoying nature in a small group and in a hurry can take part. While on a hike, we visit both previously marked places, and we will look for something new and not seen. The group leader will be familiar with the basic questions in photography.

2. Photo tour – A multi-day trip to closer and more countries to see more than traditional types of tourism allows. We drive in small groups (up to 8 people), we travel slowly, enjoy more and look for the extraordinary. Photo tours are organized for already known, photogenic sites, as well as for new, uninvited and less well-known. Non-photographers can also take photo trips, but the entire trip is tailored to the moments of the photo.

3. Photo workshop – a multi-day targeted trip and practical training on specially planned routes. The main goal is to take pictures, travel with comfort, but it’s all in the race for light gaming and great looking shots. The photo plenaries are suitable for photographers who want more than a daily life, who want to learn something new and go to the most beautiful places in the world. Plenery leaders are photographers with many years of experience in photography and training.

In addition to each trip, the expected higher degree of difficulty in the following graduation is indicated:
GP-1 – a mild difficulty, can go with children, walks without going far from the bus;
GP-2 – moderate difficulty, expected walking for 1-2 hours;
GP-3 – moderate difficulty, walking up to 8 hours, bringing all the equipment and food you need throughout the day;
GP-4 – low mountain ranges, hiking for up to 12 hours, bringing all the equipment and food needed all day, maximum height up to 2800 mvjl.
GP-5 – the average difficulty of mountains, multi-day hikes, carrying all the necessary equipment, tents and food, maximum height up to 3500 mvjl.
GP-6 – high mountain range difficulty, special equipment and physical fitness may be required.